Angel Card Readings with Emma Whalley

When we run our business with feminine as well as masculine energy we become more in flow and aligned in our life purpose.


Emma is a Certified Angel Oracle Card Reader, after providing many clients with readings that resonate and bring clarity, peace and guidance to peoples lives. Emma has also noticed how well they help with business also. You can ask for a reading for general life or ask a question. Or it can be a business reading. Emma's intuition and support provided during the session will have you uplifted and feeling more aligned for your life journey.  

An Angel Card Reading that is 4-5 cards going through your Past, Present, Guidance and Future cards or soul reading. Angel Card Reading are fantastic for calm, clarity, direction and healing in order to help you move forward in life and business. The reading will last 60 mins with Emma Whalley. Includes Crystal reading and mini meditation. Relaxing atmosphere for the reading.

Book a session which feels right at this time for you and offers the guidance your looking for with your business and life and if you have any questions about the sessions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.