At Gossip Gals we provide a fun, caring community where you can create friendships which often lead to business being done!

 Gossip Gals Networking events are known for the friendly relaxed approach. We have taken all our meetings online using Zoom during this time. The meetings are proving to be uplifting as well as great for business for the attendees. What is really appealing for women business owners is the fact we support each other so genuinely as well as making real connections that move business forward. It's a great advantage of the meetings.

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The Gossip Gals community is phenomenal! It really is anamzing how we genuinely support each other in business. We run the community from the stand point of collaboration over competition. Emma Whalley, the Community Leader has strong values where she thinks honesty is really important, building relationships and bringing positivity to women in business is key. 

Gossip Gals all started with a facebook group for ladies in Lancashire in our Lancashire Gossip Gals🌹 - Community, Friendship & Local Business Group.


In 2020 we expanded to have a group just for women in business which spans across the world! Join in here at Gossip Gals Networking: Women In Business support Community

Gossip Gals Gold

As part of our core values, it's important for us to provide collaboration opportunities for women small business owners. In our Gossip Gals communities on Facebook, there is lots of success happening for businesses through being able to reach a wide audience and being part of an engaged and active online space.

Gossip Gals Gold gives you extra support for social media and so much exposure for your business and will make you stand out in our amazing groups.

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