Our Community Group

Highly recommended online networking community on facebook for women business owners and women in business. Community support for females founders and entrepreneurs.

We have an amazing community on Facebook called Gossip Gals Networking - Women in Business Support Community. This is a business community for networking and supporting ladies in business.


Motivation & Mindset - what motivates you, your goals, your why?


Tips. Share or ask for business tips (live interview with tips from a fellow Gossip Gal each Tuesday too!)



show us your wares - Business/ product / service promotion day! Links allowed and you can post in main part of group or thread


Share the vibe - Add your business lady friends to the group and recommend other businesses that you’ve used & Testimonial Thursday for VIPs


Celebrate your wins! - what success have you had this week 


Self Care - share your self care tips. As women in business we really have to make time for our self care. You can mention a product or service you provide today but please don’t be salesy. Speak from the heart xx



Plans day - What are you planning for a successful week ahead

Any day you can ask questions, give business related advice, share thoughts and ideas.


  • Free angel Card Reading Live in group

  • Free Webinars for Business Support

  • Live Interviews with Inspirational Women

I run this community from a place of love and nurture. I love to uplift and inspire while building confidence in yourself and your business skills. It’s a community where you can feel a warm and welcoming vibe. As a collective in the community we all love hearing about your business and have copious amounts of ideas and experience we want to help you out with.

Share, Support, Strive and Succeed, Ladies! Hope to see you in the group soon Xx