Facebook Groups - Set Up to Sales

Do you want to set up a Facebook group, but not sure where to begin?

Are you stuck trying to draw more people to your Facebook group?

Not seeing the eager following on Facebook you crave for your business?

You’ve heard about the power of Facebook to grow your business following.

But so many of you are hesitant about trying to set up groups to grow your Facebook influence.

OR You’ve set up a group, but somehow it’s not getting the engagement you seek.

I’m launching the NEW Facebook Groups Set Up to Sales Mega Masterclass!

I’ve been told I’m the Gossip Gals’ Business Marketing Mentor Extraordinaire! Lol 😆 but yes I do have lots of success especially with 10 years experience running my own Facebook groups that now build my business.

This is a training packed with all the advice you’ll need to launch YOUR successful Facebook Group!

Why take this class?

This masterclass is inspired by my 1-2-1 work, mentoring individuals to create and boost their FB following through the power of social media.

Benefits unique to this Masterclass:

● 3 Video trainings by myself, Emma Whalley not holding anything back from my social media marketing expertise.

● Access to unique insider tips and advice on starting out, taking you from Set up to Sales with your group.

● 3 hours in total training, geared to helping you create or boost your FB group for business!


I’ve designed this masterclass for a wider audience of small business owners, who are struggling to grow and profit from their business on Facebook.

This brand-new training will take you from:

Clueless or dead Facebook group…
...To set up with great foundations for raking in sales and new clients from your Facebook group daily!

Included with your Masterclass are 8 fabulous bonus features:

● 100+ Daily Prompt Ideas

● 70+ Interaction Ideas

● 21 Ways to Grow your Group

● 15 ways to sell to your group members

● 5 ways to increase your email list with your group

● Engaging Content Video Presentation

● Free Canva graphic video tutorial!

All tailored to help you harness the power of Facebook groups to grow those sales!

This Mega Masterclass costs just £27.

That’s £27 for a unique 1h 15min webinar based on a real-life 1-2-1 with me (1-2-1s cost £45!), PLUS ALL 8 bonuses!

Learn Facebook groups from Set Up to Sales from a well established and

successful Facebook group owner, Emma Whalley