It’s the brand-new social networking app that everybody’s talking about! A favourite with celebrities and influencers alike, but you may be wondering what exactly is Clubhouse and whether it’s worth using for your business.

So, let’s delve in and find out a little more!


Clubhouse is an invite-only audio app that’s currently only available for iPhone users. However, developers are also working on an Android version.

Clubhouse is all about real-time conversations. When you sign up, you can choose a whole host of topics that may be of interest to you. The more interests you pick, the more the app will recommend rooms for you to join, and people for you to follow.


I personally think that Clubhouse is terrific when it comes to raising your profile, building your authority and connecting with new people.

Here are my top five tips for using this new app to grow your business!

1. Head to the smaller rooms first

Sometimes entering the big rooms on Clubhouse can feel a little intimidating. The smaller rooms are more intimate, and far better for making genuine connections and having more in-depth conversations. Just like at one of our Gossip Gals networking meetings!

2. Join in the conversation

When you enter the different rooms, it’s a little like being on a conference call. Some people will be speakers, and some will be listeners. If you fancy being a speaker yourself, then you can virtually raise your hand to ask to talk. It may sound daunting but do try to hop up as a speaker whenever you feel comfortable. This is a great way to increase your following on Clubhouse, as the more people hear your voice, the more they feel they resonate with you and are likely to give you a follow. So, be your fabulous, usual self and get involved!

3. Host your own room

Hosting your own room is easier than you may think and the support on the app is fantastic! So, don’t be scared to start a room of your own. It’s a fantastic way to demonstrate your authority and show off your personality. Title your rooms around conversation points. For example, I’ve held rooms with titles such as ‘What motivates you in your business?’ ‘Celebrate success’ ‘Share your wins this week’ and ‘Frazzled to Focused.’

4. Don’t feel the need to follow everyone back

If someone follows you, don’t feel the need to follow them back. If you are thinking of following them back though, it’s important that you check them out first!

5. It’s not all ‘sell, sell, sell’!

Just like any networking event or social media post, don’t go straight in with the heavy ‘buy my stuff’ attitude! As always, it’s much better to start conversations and engage with others.


I’m a massive fan of Clubhouse, mainly because I love chatting! It has a really cool dynamic to it, and it feels much more like natural human interaction. It’s not just for business people either, as you can select a massive amount of different topics of interest.

If you would like me to moderate a room with you or collaborate on a room related to women in business, please email me at I would love to support you.

We have our own Gossip Gals Networking club, so come and find us! You can also follow me at @emmawhalley.

See you there!

Emma x

Monday 1st to Friday 5th February is International Networking Week!

I founded Gossip Gals Networking because I really wanted a place for women in business to find support, community, and help find solutions to as many business queries as possible. In a nutshell, I want to help women succeed!

We initially held events for women in the Lancashire area, but our popularity means that we now have friendly, informal and down-to-earth events for businesswomen across the country.

There are so many benefits of professional networking. From strengthening connections to finding new ideas, tools and methods to approach problems you may encounter in your business. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to raise your profile, gain knowledge and build your confidence.


Some people are in their absolute element at networking events, whilst others may feel a little awkward and out of their comfort zone. Whatever your personality type, here are my top tips to help you get the most out of an event, and to hopefully give your confidence a little boost.

1. Don't go there just to sell!

Yes, networking events are an opportunity for you to ‘sell yourself’, but don’t go there ready to deliver a hard pitch of your products or services. Networking is about forming trust, helping each other achieve goals, and letting people know you and your business better.

2. Share your story

Briefly outline your career path, key skills you’ve picked up along the way and why you started your business. It’s an excellent way for people to get to know you, and hopefully, you’ll find some shared experiences and interests to help bolster your working relationships.

3. Actively listen to others

Networking is all about sharing. Actively listen to what others have got to say. What do they do? What issues do they have? How can you guide and support them?

4. Note everyone in your book

Make a quick note of everyone who attends an event in your notebook and jot down any questions or actions you think of, so you can follow up on them after the event.

5. Connect with everyone there on social media

After the networking meeting, remember to connect with everyone you’ve met on whichever social media platforms they use (for example, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.). It’s a great way to expand your network, and if you do think of anything you forgot to ask them or tell them, you can easily send them a quick follow-up message. Engaging with your contacts regularly and finding opportunities to assist them helps to strengthen your relationships.

6. Message everyone afterwards

Drop everyone a quick message to say how nice it was to meet them. This is a lovely way to show others that you’re interested in them and their business. The more interest you pay to people, the more interest they’re likely to have in you!

Would you like to join a supportive and friendly network of like-minded women in business?

If you’re ready to try networking the Gossip Gals way, then come and join us at one of our upcoming meetings. All women in business are welcome!

Emma x

Well, 2021 didn’t quite get off to the flying start that we had all hoped for, did it? With the return of the craziness of the home school/work juggle, running a small business just got even harder!

With fewer hours in the day to focus on your business, you may well be looking for alternative ways to boost your income, and to stop trading as much of your precious time for money.

So, let me ask you something? Have you ever considered the possibility of creating an online course? The market for online courses is huge, especially in the current climate when more and more people are looking to upskill and build their knowledge, or even for entertainment – to learn something new and interesting.

If it isn’t something that you’ve thought about before, then I’d love to share with you my top five benefits of creating an online course:

1. It’s an extra income stream for your business

First and foremost, by creating an online course, you’re developing an extra stream of revenue for your business. It’s all money in the bank for you, and what’s even better, is that it’s in bulk!

2. It’s the perfect opportunity to build your credibility

By delivering an online course on a topic that’s relevant to your target audience, you’re really adding value and helping them overcome their pain points. This is really powerful stuff as you’re quickly going to become their ‘go-to’ person in your industry! For example, I’ve been asked to be a guest speaker at networking meetings and in groups on numerous occasions on the topic of my courses, and I’m often referred to as the person to ask about the subject.

3. You can reach a wider audience

The online world is vast, and it doesn’t come with geographical limits! So, you can promote your course to people far and wide!

4. An online course can lead to more one-to-one clients

Think of an online course as an important step in your product staircase. Unlike an e-book or other such downloadable freebies, your audience will get to know you throughout your course, which is super important when it comes to developing the ‘know, like and trust’ factor. In turn, your course attendees are going to be much more likely to buy other products or services from you, or even better, want to work with you on a one-to-one basis.

5. It’s totally flexible

Once you’ve nailed your content and created your course once, then you can run it over and over again at a time that suits you! All you need to do is sell it and deliver it.

What kind of businesses can run an online course?

Spoiler alert! I firmly believe that everyone has a course in them, whether they know it or not! Don’t let a negative mindset stop you from achieving your goals. Sometimes we do things so often in our businesses, and in our everyday lives, that it becomes second nature, and we think that what we do is obvious to everybody, but it isn't! You really do know more than you give yourself credit for!

What topics could I teach?

It’s time to get back to basics. Write down everything that you’ve done in your life. Write down all your skills, strengths and achievements. What problems have you faced and solved? What transformations have you achieved? Think about your ideal client and what challenges they face. How can you solve their problems and help them achieve their goals?

Once you’ve done all this, it’s time to sit back and have a think about what you could teach. I’m positive that there are plenty of topics that you’ll be able to come up with!

Are you ready to create an online course?

In my 8-week training programme, we will work together to create your very own online course. We’ll cover mindset and delivery, marketing and selling, and everything in-between!

I want to help you create an extra income stream for your business, so, regardless of what is going on in this crazy world, you’ll feel much more in control!

The next course starts on Monday 18th January 2021. You can find out more on the website or if you’d prefer to have a chat, then pop me an email.

I’m so excited to help you to bring your online course to life. It’s going to be awesome!

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