Creating The Gossip Gals Women's Networking

Isn’t it amazing how exactly 2 years ago I was having a life purpose issue, a bit of a break down and then created a group called 🌹Lancashire Gossip Gals🌹?

With the help of some brilliant admins Lesley Walsh, Lisa Sadikot and Savannah Norton the group has gone from strength to strength. It’s a loving atmosphere supporting the local community. Lots of fab business women in the group too as well as local ladies.

In December 2018 people in the group wanted me to arrange meet ups for everyone. So the first happened at Hungarian's Restaurant in Blackpool and ladies who came wanted to talk about their businesses. Do you remember? Donna Reid, Jeanette Tropic, Joanne Hindle, Julia Eastwood? And so I said let’s go round the table and everyone tell us a bit about themselves and what you do. This is when Gossip Gals Networking was born! Well the early stages of it at least.

More and more ladies wanted a meeting in their area and before I knew it we had 3 meetings a month in Lytham, Preston and Accrington. The meetings got more popular and word started to spread every time. People hadn’t experienced such a friendly welcoming networking meeting where they could make genuine connections and do business.

The meetings started to get packed! So I had to put a cap on the amount of people coming to them. 15 people max so everyone could have 5 mins to tell us about themselves and still time to chat and make friends and do business.

In September 2019 because the meetings were getting sold out we doubled the amount each month then In January I took on some great brand ambassadors to hold meetings too, Anita Wright, Fiona Paton and Emma Eldershaw.

Things were going great until the virus broke out. But better safe than sorry so we went online before the lockdown was announced.

Now we’re all online via zoom until further notice. We miss seeing people in person but the zoom meetings are absolutely brilliant still! So so supportive and uplifting as well as good for business.

I’ve also developed a Gossip Gals Business Academy where we have weekly paid guest speakers to talk and give their expertise to the membership group.

Plus we are growing nationally too! Gossip Gals Networking UK - Women In Business group is honestly a fantastic group for business women across the nation! It’s so nurturing in there and cultivates new business from the right place. Heart centered is the way I like to work.

I’ve now also introduced a course for women in business called How to Thrive with Lives, helping women with confidence, practicality and business boosting tips for live videos.

I can’t believe all this has happened in 2 years and it’s growing so beautifully and in the right way.

Hope you like this story. Just sat here reflecting that it’s been 2 years this May and thought I’d share.


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