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Today’s Meeting was a hive of activity with the buzz of interesting businesses to learn about.

At the meeting we had:

Sarah Hulme, a wonderful bubbly lady, had salons and a fitness club and when her children came along she sold her salons in Bolton and looked after the kids. Then 6 years ago became a customer of Arbonne and fell in love with how high quality the products are and now she’s more youthful looking and healthy at 50 that she’s ever been! So she became an Arbonne representative and helps lot of women especially going through menopause.

Lesley Morgan from FM World for the last 2 years. A fantastic woman that boosts people up with self development and positivity. Her perfumes are beautiful and save people lots of money too!

Nicola Combe was in the management consulting corporate world then looked after her husband while unfortunately very ill with Cancer. This changed her life. During the time she found the importance of having their Wills in place as well as being the executor for her friends Will. Nicola prides herself in providing affordable Wills for your peace of mind with Morecombe Bay Wills. Can meet by zoom. A real heart centered business also raising money for cancer research.

Marie Bateson from Cut the Clutter helping people de-clutter their homes for 3 years. Since childhood she’s loved re-organising. Background in corporate as a business development manager but the company got taken over and got made redundant. Really enjoys doing the house sorting and helping people do it. Is now a Board member for the professional association of de-clutterers. Offering half price virtual de-clutter at the moment.

Cate Boyd is a personal trainer and The Female Fitness Company. Cate had a background in law, commuting to Manchester daily and didn’t want to do it forever. She’s passionate about changing habits and changing lives with Personal Training 1-2-1, currently in her garden, plus bringing out her own supplement line for her clients which are Vegan Protein.

Julie Uw Ibrahim helps people save money with Utility Warehouse. She had to save money and budget with being a single mum. The company gives you treats for referring other people. Which? Recommended. Emailed monthly and everything on one bill.

Bex Winash from All Bex Beauty is a beautician and sells relaxation products too. A Dental hygienist by day, she decided to set up a salon from home to provide people with the luxuries in life with dermaplaning, facials, chemical peel, full body massage plus her products include bath bombs, candles with 4 fragrances. Based in Wigan.

Emma Louise a mobile beauty therapist, holistic, mindfulness teacher and reiki master. Established for 9 years. Does gel nails a lot and loves learning. Having qualified in the 90's has continued to progress her skills and offer new services to her customers across the Preston area.

Jennie Read mum of 3 young children and a puppy. A day job as a nurse in Preston. 3 years ago her husband got very sick with ME and chronic fatigue syndrome. Quite a lot of health issues in the family and now uses DoTerra essential oils. Her page is Redemption Health shares her journey and products.

Helen Boynton a solicitor in family law. Her parents divorced when she was a teen and showed her how not to divorce. She’s very passionate about helping people divorce in the most amicable way. Works for Pilgrim Hope as a consultant and has clients across the country for divorce, property divisions, children. As of today Helen is offering a permanent discount to Lancashire Gossip Gals.

Emma Eldershaw from Tropic Skincare. All the skincare is 100% naturally derived and all good for the land and sea. Started using the products and used to be a high price brand user. Started in the business a few years ago while she worked in health and safety. Just over 12 months ago was made redundant. Looking after your skin like you look after your body. So sleepy pillow mist just clinically tested by the London sleep clinic and it’s improved their sleep by 33%

Peace Ravenwood her whole life is about nature and looking after the earth. Nutrition to foraging, chocolate as tasty and powerful medicine plus mushroom coffee just launched. Starting a retreat centre in the Scottish highlands connecting back into wild nature and your wild self. Nurture with Nature page on Facebook and Medicine Weaver.

Emma Whalley offers a 5 day course called How to Thrive with Lives. Help people with mindset and confidence for live videos to boost their business and in-depth information on how to set up, structure, get viewers and ideas for lives plus much more. The course comes highly recommended from past participants.

There are meetings throughout the month so check out the Events page on our website.

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