GG Nationwide Online Networking Meeting

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Gossip Gals Networking Nationwide Online Meeting - 15th September 2020

We enjoyed such a fantastic morning on Tuesday at the Gossip Gals Nationwide Networking Meeting.

I’m always blown away by the energy and enthusiasm of the amazing ladies in this group, and this meeting did not disappoint. It’s always such a lovely, relaxed atmosphere, with genuine connections being made, and inspiring stories being shared.

At the meeting, we had:

Carol May from The Disruptive Health Coach, releasing women from yo-yo dieting and supporting them to live a life free from emotional eating, dieting rules, and restrictions forever. Carol is currently running a free ‘Quit Sugar Challenger’ in her Facebook group.

Jo Broadey from Bright Sky Tutoring. Jo offers both online and in-person secondary English tuition, helping students fulfil their potential and find their spark

Jennie Eriksen, a Confidence and Online Visibility Coach and Professional British Voiceover. Jennie’s work is all about communication. She narrates for clients with her voiceover work and helps her coaching clients with their confidence, messaging, and storytelling. Jennie also runs The Nifty Networker Facebook Group, where she creates free networking tips and more.

Kathryn von Stein, empowering people to take charge of their health and wellbeing, using natural supplements and powerful therapeutic grade essential oils to take care of themselves and their families and pets. Kathryn also helps people who want to do the same as she is and build their own financial freedom.

Carole Johnson, who runs a fun, enjoyable training company, offering both classroom-based and online courses. Carol is passionate about her training and really wants people to have fun whilst they are doing it.

Sarah Moxon from Moxies Forever Living, helping you to look better and feel better using Aloe Vera products.

Frances Day, helping women be smart businesswomen. Frances is running a couple of free webinars, including energy in your business and creative marketing campaigns.

Peace Ravenwood, offering plant medicine and whole health wellbeing mentorship, as well as cacao ceremonies and soon the amazing coffee that they have just launched. Peace also provides a range of CBD products.

Anne Cresswell from Anne Creswell Parenting, helping parents to be the parents they want to be, by helping them solve their children's emotional, behavioural, and sleep problems. Anne is passionate about supporting parents in a non-judgemental way.

Lindsey Cooper from Rowan Charles, a nightwear and dress retailer with beautiful bold colours from India. India is Lindsey’s passion and her silky PJs and dressing gowns all come from there. Amazing patterns and colours, with new stock arriving from India on Friday this week!

Kay Rickard, a Neal’s Yard Independent Consultant for over four years. The products all contain natural, organic ingredients, which are sustainably sourced and smell simply gorgeous. Kay also offers Zoom socials, where you can relax in your own home with a glass of something nice as you go through some product samples. There is a self-care and wellness expo on 16/17 October, with yoga, mindfulness and guest speakers.

Liz Mouratsing, working with ladies to discover their true selves and helping them not be afraid to take down the masks that many wear. Liz also works with business owners to align their business with their soul purpose.

Samantha Curling, selling 100% natural products that provide the nutrients that your cells need to fuel your immune system, helping your body to heal itself. There’s also a 90-day money-back guarantee

Carole Saver (also known as cashback Carole!) from Utility Warehouse, helping you save both time and money. Utility Warehouse is an award-winning discount club, which supplies energy, broadband, landline and mobile all in one simple bill, to both residential and business customers.

Emma Whalley from Gossip Gals Networking, offering business mentoring and courses, including How to Thrive with Lives and the Gossip Gals VIP membership. You can become a VIP from today! And get extra benefits! Here’s the link for more info on becoming a Gossip Gal VIP:

Our next Nationwide Networking Meeting is Thursday 24th September at 7.00pm. Click the link to book your place! #womensnetworking #onlinenetworking #onlinebiznetworking #womensonlinenetworking #gossipgalsonlinenetworking #nationwideononlinenetworking #womensbiznetworking #womeninbusiness

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