GG Nationwide Online Networking Meeting

Gossip Gals Networking Nationwide Online Meeting - 5th October

Wow! Such an uplifting start to the new week!

I absolutely loved listening to all of your inspiring stories, and what an incredible theme we had today of people going from corporate jobs to running their own businesses. Well done, ladies!

At the meeting, we had:

Peace Ravenwood, Viking and ancestral health guide, whose life is plants and living as our ancestors did, but with modern perks! Peace’s products are amazing stone-ground cacao drinking blends, and she is just launching her own coffee blends, which have medicinal mushrooms to further support health. Peace is a sound practitioner using tuning forks and offers distance sound sessions no matter where you are in the world. She is also a forager for medicinal plants and can teach you the basics.

Marie Phillips of Abelha Bookkeeping, offering virtual paperless bookkeeping, payroll, and cash flow forecasting anywhere in the UK.

Anne Millne-Riley at The Self Development Hub, showing you how to share your business story and enjoy networking. Anne also has a book called The Confidence Guru, that can be purchased on Amazon and runs free master mindfulness courses.

Lara Besbrode, founder of The Matchmaker UK, a new and fast-growing bespoke matchmaking service that specialises in headhunting and finding partners for busy single professionals. Laura’s background is 25 years in PR, digital marketing and communications, at MD level in recent years

Pauline Healey, providing CFO / Financial Director support to your business, paying for director-level expertise as and when you need it. Simple one-off project packages and retainer services are available to support your business to grow, thereby maximising your profits and cash whilst driving growth.

Lindsey Cooper from Rowan Charles, selling beautiful, colourful pyjamas and dressing gowns.

Jacqui Tillyard, a Soul Led Speaker Mentor, helping speakers energetically align with their authentic message to attract quality clients.

Shelley Barker, taking the boring out of your bills and saving your money. Shelley is passionate about helping others earn and showing them how to generate an income simply by helping others save.


Paula Sheridan from Unwrapping Potential, a coach who works with professional women struggling to do it all, instead of having it all. Paula helps them identify what they truly want and how to put the plans in place to make it happen, from those difficult conversations with managers and partners, through to understanding what's behind them trying to keep hold of everything.

Mary Lou Barber, an Arbonne Independent Consultant, Looked stunning today showing us herbal tea, eye masks and amazing Age Well Skincare.

Delyth Parsons, a no-nonsense business consultant, working with female coaches and consultants to gain dream clients and a consistent income, so they don’t have to sacrifice their precious family time.

Emma Whalley from Gossip Gals Networking, offering business mentoring and courses, including ‘How to Thrive with Lives’, which starts tonight!

And the brilliant Gossip Gals VIP which has tons of advantages for Gossip Gals as a member:

Our next Nationwide Networking Meeting is Tuesday 13th October at 7pm. Click the link to

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