Gossip Gals Accrington Online Meeting

Gossip Gals Network Accrington Online Meeting 29th June 2020

Another Fully Booked Meeting! Thank you ladies!

Apologies from Helen Boynton , Emma Hooley and Elaine George. Hope you can join us next time ladies :-)

Wow Ladies! What a great vibe there was today! I felt so energised at the end of our meeting and you had me smiling for the whole day !

Gail Kelly our resident jeweller and owner of On A Carousel. Gail wanted to be able to treat jewellery from loved ones, with the respect and empathy it deserved. So she repurposes broken jewellery or jewellery you no longer wear / left by loved ones. She strongly advised us never to weigh in jewellery as it’s not the best thing to do money wise. She really is a unique lady :-)

Peace Ravenwood (Revna) is our very own Medicine Weaver. A former professional horse woman who is now centred on bringing people into balance with nature. She uses sound healing and will be running workshops using this technique. She is also a qualified Cacao practitioner and all her fabulous blends can be found on Peaceravenwood.com., as well as her coffee blends which sound amazing. A fascinating lady, it was SO lovely to have you with us for the first time today 😊

Karen Nash is our professional photographer based in Oswaldtwistle. She specializes in wedding, branding and portrait photography. Her studio is re-opened so it’s a great time too book in for branding shots. She also has a selection of framed photos and landscapes. She was recently done all the photo shots for Sapientia jewellery company too.😊

Lynne Webster is the owner of Baby Bamboo and Beyond. She works for the civil service but is passionate about her bamboo business. She told us that bamboo is hypoallergenic, absorbent, heat regulating and she is expecting new products in very soon! It was lovely to finally meet you for the first time 😊

Gemma Sanchez was a primary school teacher for 15 years but is now the proud co-owner of Grow Your Mindset. She works with schools, staff and businesses. Currently her training / sessions are via zoom. She is also busy providing Curriculum sessions online and mindset motivation session. Her mindset motivation sessions will run through the summer and will cost just £100 - that’s ten one hours sessions over ten weeks and the children will get a t-shirt too! She also has a book collection coming out soon! It was SO lovely to meet you for the first time today😊

Sara Barrow is our multi award winning floral designer. She was drawn to floristry after opening a tea-room and in 2014 won a GOLD medal at the Chelsea Flower Show! Throughout Lockdown she has continued to be able to supply flowers to her fabulous customers old and new through her distributor in Holland. If you have a wedding or a special event coming up and would like Sara to provide some arrangements for you then she can hols consultations via zoom. She is hoping to soon provide a subscription flower service too. Just look for Flowers with Passion. It was SO lovely to meet you for the first time 😊

Tilly Wild is a veterinary physiotherapist under the name Lancashire Vet Physio. She provides rehabilitation, massage therapy and home based exercise plans for your pets. She is a fully mobile service covering mainly east Lancashire but is willing to cover all of Lancashire. She gets referrals from vets as well as word of mouth recommendations. She has has recently purchased some electronic equipment also, which is enhancing her provision. She told us all about an elderly dog she was treating who had little movement / quality of life. But after her working with him he is mobile, playing and has a new lease of life! What a talented lady.

Emma Whalley is the owner of the Lancashire Gossip Gals, Gossip Gals Networking - Women In Business Group, Gossip Gals UK and the Gossip Gals Business Academy. The Business Academy is just £5 monthly subscription till 30th June then will increase to £10 per month from the 1st July. The Academy offers guest speakers, basic support sessions,workshops and hot seat sessions. Emma is also running her How to Thrive with Lives course at the moment.

Fiona Paton is our Aloe lady. She told us about the difference the products have made to her quality of life. She also told us about products to keep our immune system supported, our muscles relaxed ( when we are spending too much time at the computer or on the phone) and how to support our joints. She is passionate about helping people to stay healthy 😊

Look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting on Friday 10th July 12:00 - 2.00 pm - ladies lunch😎😊

Fiona x

Hosted by Gossip Gals Brand Ambassador: Fiona Paton

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