Gossip Gals Networking meeting 7th May

Updated: May 17, 2020

Really enjoyed our chats on the meeting last night. Inspiring, insightful and a great support for everyone.

At the meeting we had:

Julie Uw Ibrahim from Utility Warehouse who gives £100 energy boost for new customers. Can help you save money on gas electric, broadband, phone. Which? recommended.

Victoria Baxter clinical psychologist addressing our relationships with food. Worked with a nutritionist to set it up. Love Food, Live Well,6 Week Programme. Plus free group, mindful mouthfuls

Lucy Marshall-Smith mum of 2, works in pre school. Creative person that does plaster casting at Little Blessings Casting Boutique Sends high quality kits out to people to do it at home. Safe for children. Creating memories

Nicola Bradley by day a dietitian assistant at hospital. Really interested in health promotion and training to be a personal trainer. Independent consultant for Arbonne a 40 year old Swiss company health mind, stronger body and better skin. Recently have become a B corporation which means they’ve got social and environmental extremely high standards. Make up, hair range. Fantastic group The Wellness Revolution...

Gail Kelly from On A Carousel Bespoke Sentimental Jewellery repurpose clients old jewellery like heirloom jewellery. If you’ve loved and lost

Sapientia Jewellery high end jewellery at half the price making designer accessible.

No one out there offering such a bespoke service

Helga Whitehead from southern Germany. Came to England to learn English and became a teacher. Started using Tropic Skincare 3 years ago and was absolutely taken with the natural skincare. Fastest growing skincare company in the Uk with all derived from ingredients from the tropics. Ethical company, giving the charity too. Lovely group at Tropic Skincare with Helga

Sam Stott runs her own children entertainment company called Create and Play. Also a reiki master and a Crystal retailer . Clean Eater with Juice Plus also helps with skin and weight loss. Berry capsules with 11 different types of berries.

Emma Whalley talking about why she started with Self Care and then opened Emma’s Self Care Hub. Currently doing online angel cards & distance reiki. Plus a new course launched to help people get good at live videos - How to Thrive with Lives.

Fir our future meetings go to https://www.gossipgalsnetworking.com/events-1

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