Lancashire GG Online Networking Meeting

Lancashire Gossip Gals Online Network Meeting 21st August 2020

I think we all know why everyone loves our meetings now don’t we? They are friendly, informal and a fantastic chance to tell your story! Where else do you get a relaxed atmosphere to be able to go into how you got into your business and make genuine connections at the same time?

This meeting was the brilliant Preston and Chorley area one. Such good connections being made. Ladies who were at the meeting:

Anita Wright – Independent Financial Adviser offering advice on all aspects of financial planning, including wealth accumulation, inheritance, retirement, long term savings, personal and business protection and many more. In simple terms everything Anita does is focused on making client’s money work for them. Her excellent understanding of economy makes her an expert in the field. Call 07875668577 for a free initial consultation.

Karen Nash, a photographer based in Oswaldtwistle. Specialising in wedding and Portrait Photography. Since lockdown Karen has been spending most of her time helping other businesses to promote their own business with professional head shots and branding shoots. So you can promote your business professionally on your websites and social media pages.

Annabel Cookson from The Pawfect Present Shop, providing personalised gifts, home décor and other animal related items.

Sarah Bleasdale, based in Burnley. Since lockdown Sarah has created The cosy Aura - flowerboxes for all occasions and is also a Tropic Ambassador

Revna Peace Ravenwood aka Medicine Weaver offers plant medicine and whole health wellbeing mentor. cacao medicine, upgraded coffee, sound therapy and all things Hemp

Miranda Christopher is a Transformation leader and coach with a workbook taking women through the M.I.N.E.R.V.A process to help women do business on their terms with fantastic strategic approach behind them. Miranda has an event on the 16th September 10am to go through the first part of the workbook in a group coaching session. Available at

Deirdre O Sullivan MacInnes from doTERRA essential oils for various health concerns for humans and animals of all ages. Most are safe to use internally to help pain, digestion, sleep, stress and anxiety and other issues. Great to use in cooking and chocolates. @oilswithdeirdre Deirdre has a heart of gold and is happy to give samples to anyone and free consultations.

Lesley Walsh from Digital Fixers giving support for small businesses getting online and taking the techie stuff, and show you how to implement it. Lesley runs a membership for people in business wanting support with tech

Nicola Taylor from Nicola Taylor Consultancy Services, partnered with Power Solutions for Commercial Energy and Water, and partnered with UW for domestic bills. Nicola just loves helping people through the minefield, - 07940 853 890 -

Emma Whalley from Gossip Gals Networking where we provide women small business owners with Networking meetings and sponsorship opportunities, courses to help your business, a wonderful High value, low cost Business Academie and Mentoring for sales and Marketing and Web and Tech. We also have the Gossip Gals Boutique where you can get logos and graphics.

Our next Central Lancashire and South Lancashire Meeting is Friday 18th September at 10 am Here's the link to book on:

Also, if you struggle with coming to networking meetings due to not knowing what to do, maybe not clear on your message or how to tell your story, please message me directly as I can direct you to resources to help you with this xx

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