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Lancashire Gossip Gals, Accrington, Online Networking Meeting 7th September 2020.

Thank you for a fabulous meeting ladies. It was lovely to hear your stories and all about your businesses!

An uplifting start to Monday :-)

Shirley Anne Howard joined us - we are usually at her venue Space2Make in Accrington and we missed your coffee and cake today Shirley! Shirley is having a busy time with her Frenchic paint. In fact business is absolutely booming ! Shirley is opening her Art Cafe on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for pottery paining. Just £5 to book your studio place plus the price of your pottery. What a great activity for families!

Miranda Christopher is a style coach and our transformation expert who helps women to break through the conditioning and rules that have held them back. She has written a book called “Minerva - A manifesto for women who want to do business, make money and enjoy life”. Miranda helps ladies release trauma through style. Miranda wants to help women to clear the conditioning blocks women have around money. She has a new page called Making More Money Female Collective. Contact Miranda to find out about her Minerva workbook, programme and 12 month success tracker.

Lindsey Cooper of Rowan Charles,is a retired solicitor who has made trips to India and fallen in love with the beautiful cotton pyjamas, 80%silk dresses and gorgeous dressing gowns. She showed us a selection of her pyjamas and dressing gowns and they look beautiful. The silk dressing gowns are uniquely designed. She also has some lovely cotton bay quilts / playmats / blankets. Her webpage is fully up to date. Contact Lindsey for more information.

Sarah Lynas is a Self Belief Coach with a reassuring calmness, She helps ladies in business to feel empowered, to take responsibility and make choices. Sarah believes that ladies will find the self belief coach who is right for them. She is experienced and really approachable. Sarah has lots of exciting workshops coming up in October including Vision Board workshops and self belief workshops. Just get in touch with Sarah for more information.

Katy Rider is a dispute solicitor. She has been a solicitor for 2 years and is passionate about her job. She can help you with Civil disputes, neighbour disputes etc Her advice is to seek help before things escalate and to help she offers an initial free consultation. It was lovely to meet you for the first time today!

Sharon Elaine Aspinall is a funeral director. Sharon is also the lady who can save you money on your household bills with Utility Warehouse and have all your bills on just one direct debit payment. She was very excited about a new SIM only plan which offered unlimited texts, calls and data for just £20! There is a cash back card to help you get discounts on your shopping and a Gourmet card to help you save money when dining out. To see if she can help just book a 20 minute chat.

Gail Kelly our resident jeweller, based in Leyland and owner of On A Carousel. Gail wanted to be able to treat jewellery from loved ones, with the respect and empathy it deserved. So she repurposes broken jewellery or jewellery you no longer wear / left by loved ones. She has gone International over lockdown due to the powers of the internet and is liaising with a sapphire mine owner and jewellery maker in Sri Lanka to create bespoke designs for her clients. She also owns Sapientia Jewellery company and is able to design and create bespoke pieces as well as offer high end secondhand jewellery. Gail is an amazing lady and is passionate about giving her clients the best customer service and the highest quality pieces at affordable prices! Her business is open 24/7

Lynne Webster is the owner of Baby Bamboo and Beyond. She is just coming up to the one year anniversary of her business and is delighted with the growth and support via the Gossip Gals page. Today Lynne introduced an exciting new product - 100% New Zealand wool balls for popping into your tumble dryer - add essential oils for a fabulous fragrance too. If you want more information about Lynne’s pads, cloths, headbands, pamper kits etc just get in touch.

Emma Whalley, founder of Gossip Gals networks is busy helping Businesses to Bloom via her new Gossip Gals VIP group. Just £10 a month gives you a platform to promote your business, with free interviews, guest speakers, tech chats, discount on courses and networking meetings and much more. To be part of this exciting new group just contact Emma.

Fiona Paton is our “Aloe Fairy” who is passionate about helping us stay healthy from the inside out. Fiona shared a few products today including her caffeine free aloe blossom tea, her firming face mask and her secret tub of fat and carb blocking capsules. So we can have the cake without the calories! Fiona sees herself very much as a recommendations business and is happy to chat things through as all her products have a 60 day money back guarantee.

Ladies thank you for today. Look forward to seeing you all soon.😎

Hosted by Gossip Gals Brand Ambassador: Fiona Paton

Check out our upcoming meetings on our events page!

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