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Gossip Gals Networking Nationwide Online Meeting 16th July 2020

Loved the meeting last night with our nationwide Gossip Gals. Lots of new ladies this week and fab feedback on how we run the meetings. There was tons of connections with like minded ladies it was so good to see.

At this meeting we had:

Anne Millne-Riley - founder of the self development hub and author of the confidence guru. Course provider at with courses on Public Speaking and Imposter Syndrome. Anne has a Group on Facebook called the self development hub.

Nicola Bradley who is dietitian assistant by day and side stepping into health and wellness with a 360 degree approach. Training to become a PT. and partnering with Arbonne - a results driven company, nutrition with science backing it. Nicola is writing an Ebook to help people become more plant based too.

Soaad Patel owner of Online clothing boutique, Ayeshas Attire. Soaad used to work in retail and wearing quality clothes is important to her plus the fact getting dressed and feeling good is very empowering. Everything in her clothing range is very versatile, quality and empowering. Check out her beautiful website here currently a Sale on too!

Anne Cresswell from Anne Cresswell parenting. Anne has a vast experience and background in the nhs as a specialist parenting nurse. Working now privately with parents so they can go private and have no waiting lists. Anne has 4 children herself and in her time with the nhs she was the most experienced in her field with lots of knowledge helping parents of children with behaviour issues or special needs. Her website is

Julie Uw Ibrahim, the one who saves you money on your bills. Cash back cards 5% and above on lots of shops and restaurants. Utilities Warehouse covers telephone, gas, electric, boiler cover, home insurance and broadband. Definitely speak with Julie and have a virtual coffee and cake to see how she can help you out.

Carol May, the disruptive health coach. Carol has had a real journey with food. What a story! On a campaign to end dieting companies and a real passion for providing solutions for people of all shapes and sizes.

Jenny Leach - Hands on Harmony yoga health with Jenny Dowling. Jenny set up online classes doing yoga and Ayurveda. We learnt some really interesting this about ourselves through what Jenny teaches. Her online membership group is helping wonen get to know themselves better plus yoga and all sorts

Elissa Dobson works with Body shop at Home. Worked for many years as a health care professional in the nhs and eventually burnt out. Body shop has brought back her smile and now she’s bringing it to other ladies too. Elissa loves people and connecting with people. It’s products we all know and love. Plus her add on offering with go paperless business card. Here’s Elissa Group-

Miranda Christopher worked in financial services leading big acquisitions. Burnt out in 2014 and had a worrying illness. This led to M.I.N.E.R.V.A and a book - A manifesto for women who want to do business, make money and enjoy life. Helps women create businesses on their own terms. Workshop to help realise your vision and business plan. 8 week programme coming up soon

Sarah Heron runs True colours with Sarah heron a fascinating and Confidence boosting colour and style consultancy for women. It’s amazing what a difference knowing your colours that suit you can change your life. She does a live on her page every Friday at 10am -

Deirdre O Sullivan MacInnes works with DoTerra essential oils and is a massage therapist. DoTerra essential oils are 100% pure, they go through so much testing. Deirdre found the oils helped her so much in different areas of her health and was astounded by the results they gave her. You can learn more on her page here:

Elizabeth Cronshaw from Grow your mindset . A former primary school teacher for 10 years before they decided to start their business grow your mindset after doing research and helping children develop a growth mindset. They make training, workshops and work 1-2-1 with children too and work in schools.

Emma Whalley runs the Gossip Gals Business Academie Membership. The membership is for women who want extra support in marketing and web/tech for business, learn all more knowledge about more aspects for their business with guest speaker talks from professionals in their field plus much more. You can look at the membership offer here and some freebies!

Our next meeting which isn’t sold out yet is on the 6th August 7-9pm, book your place here if you’d like to join us!!

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