Womens Online Networking Meeting 18th May 2020

We absolutely love these meetings - a mixture of regulars, recent newcomers and first timers.

A real highlight in our week and a great source of friendship and support.

At our Ladies Networking Event this Monday we had:

Helen Boynton started the meeting. Helen is a Matrimonial and Family Lawyer with over 20 years in divorce law. She can help you with divorce, child maintenance / custody, sorting assets and even prenuptial agreements! To help you she offers a FREE consultation and this can be on zoom due to our current situation.

Sarah Lynas joined us for the second time today. Sarah is a Mind & Business Coach. She helps small business owners and busy mums with their mindset and getting “unstuck”! She is experienced and really approachable.

She can help to gently untangle self doubt through a calm approached help you to build your self belief. Much needed by many at this challenging time. She has some fabulous online courses available soon on Building self belief and also two on goal boards. Keep an eye out on her page

Laura Garner joined us for the first time today. Laura has been a Tropic ambassador for 7 years and is very passionate about her business. She is also a fully qualified make-up artist which goes hand in hand with her business.She is very proud of the successful business she is building and has exciting things on her goal board ! It was lovely to meet you Laura

Gail Kelly is our creative Jewellery lady and owns On a Carousel . Gail told us all about her fabulous re-purposed jewellery service. She has a wonderful 3D printing machine which gives clients a real feel of what their new piece could look like. She offers online consultations at the moment and with secure postage can ensure safe delivery

Gayle McBain is our Body Shop at Home consultant. She started 4 years ago after leaving her previous career of being a newspaper journalist. Gayle is having a very busy time at the moment with her business online. She is holding zoom parties and they are going really well. Gayle is stepping out of her comfort zone and getting to grips with social media.

Shirley Anne Howard owns the Space2Make creative cafe in Accrington where we normally hold this meeting.

Shirley was telling us how busy she is with her Frenchic paint. She has over 200 new customers this month! Absolutely amazing! She is offering delivery too - so no need to go to the shops.

She is also offering paint your own pottery kits, which are just the thing to keep people busy and creative during lockdown.

Emma Whalley who is the founder of the Gossip Gals group and the Business Academy and also will be able to open her reiki, readings and inch loss wrap treatments again in June at Emma's Self Care Hub. I think lots of people will be needing her services after lockdown! Emma is also very experienced at doing Facebook lives and is offering a 5 day course at the moment - so keep your eyes peeled for this great opportunity!

Fiona Paton is our Forever Living, aloe lady. She talked about how she started her business, after doing a cleanse and the amazing way she felt when she finished. This led her to look at the business 6 moths later and later left her role of Advisory Teacher for Music. She told us that she is adapting to being totally online with her business and that many of her business partners are re-starting their businesses using this way of working. She was on the first day of her cleanse

What a wonderful meeting ladies. Our next one is on 27th May and the link below - look forward to seeing you all


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