The main mission of Gossip Gals Networking is to help women in business succeed and help bring out the beauty and gifts you have. At Gossip Gals we don't just do brilliant networking meetings. We have a whole host of services to help you in your business. Emma Whalley is a Spiritual Marketing Mentor so has a wonderful mix of services to help you.

Our Business Mentor and Gossip Gals founder Emma Whalley mentors you in social media marketing for Facebook and LinkedIn, business strategy, planning for business, money management and time management. 

£45 for an hour session 

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Become a Gossip Gal VIP and get Monthly Masterclasses, 3 business coaching sessions from guest speakers each month, extra promotional opportunities, masterminds, tech and web drop ins and opportunity for 1:1 Intense clarity sessions for your business.

All for £10 a month!

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Our Flagship course, How to Thrive with Lives, is highly recommended and takes you from a nervous wreck, tech shy and no clue what to talk about on Lives to actually really enjoying going live, boosting your business with them and tons of ideas on what to talk about with a set structure for the lives too!

Plus more courses available soon on our Business Academie website like the Finish the Month Focused course and How to create your website for free. 

An Angel Card Reading that is 4-5 cards going through your Past, Present, Guidance and Future cards or soul reading. The reading will last 30-40 mins with Emma Whalley. Relaxing atmosphere for the reading. Book your reading here.

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