Social Media Success Circle

Are you on Social Media but find you get stuck for ideas of what to post?

You see others posting consistently, getting lots of visibility but not sure how they are doing it?

After all, your work is all about your clients or products and serving your people isn't? Not Spending time on Social Media, right?

Well This is the thing, Social Media Marketing is here to stay and it’s something I believe we all should be doing to build an audience and a following.

But it's the time! The ideas!

And do you procrastinate on planning and scheduling so only a bit gets done?? Therefore your visibility isn't where you'd like it to be. 

These Monthly Success Sessions are for small business owners who want to smash their socials in a small amount of time so they can concentrate on clients, orders and engagement for the month rather than thinking of what to post all the time!

The session is monthly for 2 hours to get a strategic plan in place for your social media posts and schedule them for the month ahead. Before the monthly meet up you will receive ideas for your posts put into the facebook group and group guides so you're ready to get going.

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I have a lot of 1:1 clients where we will plan out their socials, go through audience building and I teach where to get the ideas from and scheduling posts. And while I have many years of marketing experience and success to help them I think a big part of it is setting out the time to actually do it and be accountable to turn up for it.

So the Social Media Success Circle is now OPEN! This is my answer to helping clients with ideas and time for social media every month! Each month I get my ideas brain into action and provide lots of ideas for everyone in the circle before our meeting on Zoom. Then we meet up and plan out our social media for the next month. 

The sessions are all recorded and uploaded into our special Success Circle group so if you can’t come for that month you will get to watch the recording and still get access to all the ideas in the group guides and on email.

     If we get our heads together and in the zone of flowing ideas, we absolutely have smashing success on socials!

The great thing about it is, you get to listen to others ideas as well as yours! This often sparks more content ideas fro you too. And the top marketing tips that come through along the way of course!

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Through the sessions, I always share my success strategies that I use on Social Media as we talk through the content planning so you’ll also get the advantage of the extra help on audience building and nurturing too.

So what do you get for £15 a month?

  • Monthly 2 hour Content Planning & Scheduling Session on zoom

  • Ideas for Inspirational Posts, Engagement Posts, Value Posts and Awareness Day Posts

  • Extra Promotion post ideas when you provide me with information on what you're selling the following month. 

  • That's more than 70 ideas a month!

  • Private Facebook group for support

This is an intensive working zoom where we get to business! The session is recorded and uploaded into the Social Media Success group after the zoom session.

What do Success Circle Members Say?

“Getting loads of comments etc.… Thank you so much for giving me the kick up the bum I needed xxx" 
“I am back to planning my posts, Thanks to you! It's Great Thank you!" 
“Thank you SO SO Much! Amazing! Thank you Emma!”
"I'm celebrating posting consistently everyday in my page, profile and group. "

And a lovely recommendation saying:


Come and Join Us! You'll love the Support, Ideas and feel so much achievement on getting it all done!