Mentoring Session With Emma Feedback

"I have had 2 sessions with Emma for business mentoring as I needed some support to set up and deliver a webinar, which is something I have never done before. Emma has been so helpful - professional and kind all at the same time. She is very knowledgeable about marketing and gives excellent, specific advice about how to get information across. She is extremely patient and walked me through every step and detail, keeping it all at my own pace. I came away feeling confident that I could do it! I would highly recommend Emma to anyone who needs support and advice and most importantly to feel able to ask any questions and not feel judged! Thanks, Emma, I will definitely come back for more support in the future" - Anne

"I have recently had a couple of 1:1 mentor sessions with the fabulous Emma Whalley. It has so helped me bring everything together and I'm much more confident using Canva now. Please feel free to browse my group, if it interests you, Best Life - Healthier, Greener Living. I was procrastinating until Emma and I put our heads together. Highly recommend Emma, who helped me do in an hour, what had been trickling for weeks. Her knowledge and advice - priceless. Thank you xxx" - Jo

Networking Meetings with Gossip Gals

"I became a member of the Gossip Gals Networking group late last year and I have never regretted this decision. Emma is such a lovely, caring and supportive human being. Every day is tackled by her with positive energy and a smile! Would highly recommend!"

Helen Boyton from Helen Boynton Family Lawyer

"Would just like to say how helpful this group as been for both my business and my confidence. Lovely ladies and the courses and the meetings are always great fun" xx 

"Being part of Gossip Gals Networking has been invaluable to my business - I have been welcomed into a family of intelligent, eclectic and knowledgeable ladies, a group that is supportive and happy to advise and listen.
Lancashire Gossip Gals is a networking group like no other I have been part of - the importance of building and cultivating relationships and friendships is the basis of creating lasting and positive business contacts and links - LGG is the ideal platform for this as businesses in the same sector are encouraged to work together and collaborate rather than compete."
"Being around so many strong, independent business women has given me the confidence to take the leap and take my business to the next level and I know that with the continuing support from Emma and all the other fabulous ladies in the group (and a lot of hard work and elbow grease!!) I will definitely succeed!
My shop the Crafty Cottage is testament to how collaboration beats competition - I have created a collective of some of Lancashire’s best artists, crafters and eco-aware businesses and LGG was the catalyst to bringing my vision together."


Lou Wiltshire from The Crafty Cottage UK

“I love this group, it’s so uplifting and supportive. Gossip Gals Networking isn’t just about selling your services and products."
"This group of ladies share, support and help each other in business and daily life. I’ve personally made some great friendships here and made some fabulous connections. A huge thank you to Emma Whalley for her unfaltering enthusiasm and commitment to running this group. She is a fabulous ambassador"


Lynne Webster from Baby Bamboo and Beyond

Networking events lancashire

"I only recently set up my own business at the end of 2019 and was introduced to Emma and her group at the beginning of this year. I can honestly say it’s the best group I’ve joined! Emma is amazing, her support, her business sense and just her overall personality is just amazing! She has such a fantastic way of explaining the world of business, social media and general networking in a way that even a newbie feels comfortable with!
Her groups have an encouraging following of amazing business women who empower and support each other x I feel so excited to see where she will go next and would highly recommend anyone to get involved with Emma and her amazing groups! Thankyou Emma"


“ This is such a lovely group to belong to. I love the set days that we have to support each other’s businesses and also to promote ourselves. But it isn’t all about business. It is about friendship and emotional support too. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Women have reached out to each other and supported each other during a time that we have, not only had to deal with the crisis, but also dealing with our business issues. A great group!”

"I have been a member of Lancashire Gossip Gals since it started two years ago and I must say it has been an amazing opportunity to get to know other self employed creative people and also to share my progress. I’m a writer and actor, both of which are very difficult occupations to get yourself out there and known. Being a part of LGGs has enabled me to connect with so many wonderful supportive women who have encouraged me along the way, particularly with my storytelling project for children, Wish You Were Here Seaside Stories."


"This project started with a commission last year to produce a storytelling feature at a live event in Blackpool on the pier. After developing the character and writing the original stories, I took the project out to a number of events last summer. With high hopes for 2020 when I planned to branch out and perform at festivals, family events and parties, lockdown could have flawed me completely when all my potential for income disappeared. However, when I launched my storytelling online and started to write more stories, Emma and her wonderful members were unfailing in their support for what has now become a twice weekly occurrence. The group has also been great in sharing in my joy now that I have published a book of my stories for children to read again and again."
"A massively supportive group of women headed up by Emma Whalley who has been so generous with her business advice and guidance for anyone who needs it, I am so grateful for the benefits I have found from being a part of Lancashire Gossip gals."